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Welcome To My Landing Page

I realized I am working on so many things and have several active websites, so I decided to create a single site where you can link to the different things I am working on. Please click below on the various sites (all of which I created) to see some of my projects. 

GO Logo.png

Global Outreach Church

Global Outreach Church is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational body of believers called from the nations in order to reach the nations at home and abroad with the message of Jesus Christ. GO Church is dedicated to bringing people together from all ethnicities in an environment of acceptance and freedom to worship Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. We are a nondenominational Christian Church that is multi-ethnic, evangelical in doctrine and charismatic in practice. We believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are essential for our daily walk as Christians.

ROLE: Lead Pastor

Global House of Prayer

Global House of Prayer is established to foster a non-stop chorus of prayer in the Hampton Roads region that will ignite the flames of revival, not only across America, but the world. There have been several significant movements of prayer in the area, and our aim is to provide a venue for unified prayer, not to compete, but to help foster the growing hunger for a divine move of God that is beyond what has been experienced in the region before.

ROLE: Gatekeeper

Global Community name.png

Global Community is aimed at transforming the world through the avenue of communication. We do this in two areas. First, we help positive businesses with all their communication needs, from conceptualization all the way through execution. Second,Global Community is actively involved in providing sustainable life-giving support to underserved communities around the globe.

ROLE: President and CEO

The Enock Treasure Front Cover.jpg
Cunningham Books

Enoch was one of only two persons in history who did not die but was “taken” by God. Why was this? In The Enoch Treasure, I unmask the genealogy of Adam found in Genesis 5 (where a few obscure verses about Enoch are found), to reveal seven priceless nuggets that can transform the life of every reader. The Enoch Treasure teaches the lessons we may learn about living a fulfilling and rewarding life from our “Walking Partner” and how we may change our circumstances as well as those of the people around us. 

ROLE: Author

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